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Located on the East Side of Orlando FL the SundaySloopers (officially the Central FL R/C Model Yacht Club) enjoy one of the best RC Sailing Venues found anywhere. Our club is open to anyone wanting to continue their sailing experience and those who are interested in getting started.  We sail every Sunday from about 10:30 am until about 3 pm and are starting Wednesday sailing in December. Our club is proudly American Model Yachting Association Club #241.

Current boats include: DragonForce 65  – Victoria – DragonFlite 95 – SeaWind – Soling 1M – EC-12

One Meter Top Three                     DragonForce65


George Manuel                                             Pete Ashton

Darrell Krasoski                                        Darrell Krasoski

Steve Rosenwasser                                   Steve Rosenwasser


To contact the club please email 


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