Our Boats

Our club is open to all who want to enjoy the competition of racing RC Sailboats regardless
of what boat you may own. On Sundays, we concentrate on boats that fit the One
Meter Class, Seawinds, Soling 1M and Micro Magics. We are discussing the
option for sailing during the week for those that can, which opens many options
as to what boats to sail.

Our primary class is the One Meter Class which roughly conforms to the One Meter rule
which is basically boats one meter long and sail area 600 sq. in. or less. This
rule encompasses the largest grouping of boats recognized by the AMYA. Included
in this rule are the Seawind, Soling One Meter, ODOM, US One Meter,
Tempest/Islander, and Thunder Tiger Voyager. In our fleet, we currently have a contingent of nearly
a dozen Seawinds, and a growing number of Solings 1M’s. The One Meter
Class scores all boats together with no handicap between boat types. If a boat
has three or more entrants on a regular basis they can run as a class within a
class and be scored as both One Meter and under their class. Currently the
Seawind is running as both. Once a Class reaches 3-4 boats regularly
sailing, a separate start may be offered.

The pond we sail on is of sufficient size and depth to accompdate much larger boats, so we are
open to adding larger boat classes.

Those who may own very nice boats such as 36/600, CR914 which are under one meter are not
excluded from racing but would currently need to run in the One Meter class and
could have the own class with a class if there are enough boats.

We are open to those who would like to sail other boats who would like to form a fleet in
Central Florida and anyone who just wants to sail and have great company is
welcome show up.