Club Racing Schedule

The SundaySloopers are scheduled to sail every Sunday, weather permitting, unless there is a National Holiday on that day (sailing still goes on unofficially). We currently race in two classes which are divided in the Under 30″ class and the Over 30″ class. We expect to expand the classes as our boat population grows to include boats of different sizes.

We are starting our 2016 Second Half Racing Series per the schedule below. All boats are welcome to race in the Under and Over 30″ classes every week. We will feature the SeaWind, Soling 1M and DragonFlite 95 classes and will keep separate score for those classes in addition to the Over 30″ Class to have a series within a series.

Under 30″ class sails from 1100-1230

Over 30″ class sails from 1230-1500