Boat Classes

Our club is currently racing in two general classes with sub-classes within the two general classes.

The Under 30″ class is open to any boat under 30″ l.o.a. While all boats are scored for general class results, if there are three (3) or more boats of a class sailing that day they are also scored as a separate class. DragonForce 65 is the primary boat in this class¬† in our club.

The 36″to 42″ class is open to all boats between these length. We have a number of SeaWinds, Soling 1M and DragonFlite 95’s currently sailing but other boats are welcome. As in the smaller class, sub-class scoring will take place as needed.

We plan to have a middle class for medium sized boats such as the V-32, Victoria, Nirvana when we get enough skippers to justify the class. In the meantime skippers of these boats may sail with either of our existing classes. If enough larger boats are present we are open to having an over 1 meter class.

Many of our skippers have multiple boats which is the reason we have sub-classes with the general classes. Every week the boats are scored in their placement in the general class and every other weekend we encourage skippers bringing the featured boats in the sub-classes (see the schedule tab). At the end of the series awards will be presented for the general class and for sub-classes (ex. skipper wins 1st overall in general with a SeaWind  also wins SeaWind subclass, Soling skipper places second in general class but wins Soling sub-class).

Qualification for awards requires 1/3 participation in race dates.

Our club used the current RRS rules for RC sailing and we will use the low point scoring system.

Check the Schedule tab for details on which boats are featured each week.