Budget Cost

We are often asked “what do these boats cost?”. To help answer the question we have developed the following chart to help understand the answer. Once you have the Boat/Radio just add batteries. We should also add that over the long haul the boats are very inexpensive to maintain and there are boats still sailing after 20 years so it’s a good investment. The boats listed below are proven performers, belong to American Model Yacht Association (AMYA) sanctioned classes, and you will have plenty of folks to race with in the same class. We do not recommend most hobby shop boats as they generally poor sailing boats and cheaply constructed.


Once radios and receivers were a cost that was a bit forbidding for people new to the sport. Fortunately, the very reliable 2.4Ghz radios of today have recently had significant price reductions due to increased competition in the marketplace. The reductions have ranged from 25-50% on many major brands. An additional trend that has helped is the move toward Ready to Run (RTR) boats that include decent radios and receivers with the boat kit. 


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