Where We Sail

Based on the success at Firkin & Kegler we have made the
decision to make it our permenent venue. The site has great attributes for an RC Sailing venue:


1. Great close by parking
2. Shade
3. First class restrooms
4. A great sized pond that allows courses to be set-up from any wind direction
5. A high vantage point to see the boats
6. High public traffic for viewers and for people to tryout the boats
7. An enthusiastic pond owner
8. Food and beverages served to the sailors as they sail
9. Centrally located
10. Air-Conditioning a few steps away for relief from the heat


The Firkin & Kegler Family Entertainment Center is located behind the Waterford Lakes Towncenter Mall at:

 12850 Waterford Lakes Parkway, Orlando, Fl. 32828

Click Here for Map to Venue  (The “B” pin is our location)