Joining the Club

Sunday Sloopers AMYA Fleet #241 Membership
Fleet membership is required to be scored in the racing series. Our club sails 12 months a year with a lot of activities to enjoy all year long. Guests are free to sail at anytime.

Yearly Dues – $20 (Individual)

$25 (Family – Individual, spouse, children, grandchildren)

$5 (Junior – under 18 not covered under family plan)

We ask members to help at occasional work parties to perform maintenance the club dock, marks and grounds.

While not mandatory we ask that all members assist in the National, Regional and Local Regattas that we run several times a year.

Membership form – Club Membership Form 2012

AMYA Membership (Optional)

The American Model Yacht Association (AMYA) is the non-profit organization that binds together the various fleets of boats. It also has available insurance and other offerings for the fleets and the officers. Membership is for the individual, not their boat, and comes with a variety decals, etc as well as the very high quality Model Yachting quarterly magazine included in your annual fee. Membership in AMYA is optional in our fleet, but is highly recommended as we are sanctioned by AMYA and must maintain a level of membership to remain certified.
To register in AMYA you can go to and register online, or ask for a form on Sundays.

Class Registration
Registering your boat(s) with their national organization is mandatory in the club in order to be scored in racing. When you register your boat, and generally can choose from available sail numbers that you can select so no one else can use that number in that class. Membership in your boats’ organization, which comes with boat registration also allows you to vote on issues and rules changes in your national class.
Registering in your National Class is a one time $7 for each boat you want to register. Used boats that are purchased also need to be re-registered with a $7 fee. Most classes allow you to contact the Class Secretary online to register the boat and pay the fee.